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Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy Details



We work with our full strength and abide by legal requirements to become an exemplary quality leader in the durable consumer industry. Who operates in integration with Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems to encourage innovative and creative approaches and offer training that will improve technical and behavioral competencies.



  • Ensuring a continuous system and product development to meet customer demands in full and at a low cost,
  • Becoming a leader in national and international markets with our design work,
  • Designing products that will minimize air, water, and soil pollution, helping the employees improve with a human-oriented approach, adopting a corporate culture based on keeping quality awareness and a questioning perspective in mind in all activities,
  • Working in cooperation with our suppliers and customers, who are an integral part of our quality,
  • Ensuring that our quality management system has been documented and is constantly being improved to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 standard,
  • Working in cooperation with our suppliers and customers, who are crucial to our level of quality, to achieve the corporate and department goals with a team spirit based on a total quality approach,
  • Reviewing our operating processes by way of a self-assessment process to define the preventive approaches that will improve our performance,
  • Meeting the social responsibility requirements together with all the stakeholders and doing production in a manner where the sustainable use of natural resources is promoted,
  • Making sure that the productivity in all processes is elevated to an internationally competitive level in line with the continuous improvement approach,
  • Offering our customers readily-selectable compound products and flawless services which are quickly designed with optimum quality,
  • Making sure that our products are appropriately produced to fit their intended use, and the relevant standards are defined as the basic principles of our Quality Policy.
  • Meeting the expectations and needs of interested parties

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