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Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

We bend our efforts, To ensure continuous system and product development to meet customer demands thoroughly, and at a low cost;

To take a leading position in national and international markets with design projects;

To develop products with a minimal detrimental impact on air, water resources, and the soil, to instill in employees a human-oriented approach, to embrace a company culture that prioritizes quality awareness and an inquisitive mindset across all fields of activity;

To cooperate with suppliers and customers, who are an integral part of our quality processes. Documentation and continuous improvement of our quality management system to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard,

To achieve goals on a company and department basis in a spirit of teamwork, based on a holistic quality approach; to cooperate with suppliers and customers, who are an integral part of our quality processes;

To identify courses of action that can improve company performance through a review of work processes; Fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities in collaboration with all its stakeholders and to adopt manufacturing practices that promote usage of sustainable natural resources;

To elevate process efficiency to a level that can compete at an international level, in line with the company's continuous improvement approach;

To provide customers with good quality compound products that can be quickly designed and involve no lengthy-decision making processes; as well as premium services;

To ensure that our products are produced in accordance with their intended use and relevant standards; 

To encourage innovative and creative approaches, to tie up training programs for improving technical and social competencies with Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, as part of a holistic management approach, in order to grow into a trail-blazing company in the durable consumer goods sector.


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