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Gebze, a district in Kocaeli province, is one of the most developed and big industrial locations of Marmara Region and Turkey. Gebze is the second largest district of Marmara Region which is 49 km from Izmit and 45 km from Istanbul.

Due to its extensive land, sea and air links, it has become a region where industrial investments have been made rapidly since 1985. Currently, thanks to many organized industrial zones located within the boundaries of the district, it covers 15% of the Turkish industry.

Owing to its historical background, it is home to many touristic areas with both historical and natural beauties.

Anibal's Tomb, Hünkar Çayırı, Osman Hamdi Bey Mansion, Eskihisar Castle, Balıklayalar, Çoban Mustafa Pasha Mosque and Complex, Sultan Orhan Mosque and Ilyas Bey Mosque are some of them.

Conta Elastik Ürünler San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.

Our facility which has central production and management units is located in GOSB Tembelova Area Gebze Kocaeli.

The facility, which was established in 2008, started production in 2010

Production Area : 6500 square meters
Number of employees : 112 people

Annual Production Capacity : 250 million meters

There are 20 extrusion lines, 12 refrigerators and 15 white goods gasket welding machines in our facility.

More than 36 countries are being exported, being close geography in the first place.

Our products are being exported to more than 36 countries.

Contact Information

Conta Elastik Ürünler San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.
GOSB Tembelova 3200 Cadde No: 3205/1 2B1 Gebze 41400 Kocaeli / Türkiye
Tel +90 (262) 642 99 88
Fax +90 (262) 642 99 88


Ningbo is a port city in Zhejiang province of People's Republic of China. It dates back to 4800 BC, making it one of the oldest cities in China. Recognized as one of the important cities of the Silk Road 2000 years ago, Ningbo later played an active role in China's trade as a port city.  After the Second World War, it quickly recovered and became a city of industry and commerce again.

Historic buildings and places that are day-to-day must be seen from Ningbo's very long history. 

The Tiafeng Tower, built on the basis of the Tang dynasty, the Hangzhou Gulf Bridge, one of the longest bridges in the world, Tian Yi Library Museum, Baoguo Temple is one of the oldest and still standing wooden temples in South China.

Ningbo Conta Sealing Products Co., Ltd.

Our factory is located in China, Ningbo Conta Sealing Products, Ningbo Beluin Distric

In 2016, the capacity of our facility, which went through activity in 2014, was increased.

Production area : 2500 square meters
Number of Employees : 14 people
Annual Production Capacity : 50 million meters

Contact Information

Ningbo Conta Sealing Products Co., Ltd.
No:89 Chenshan Road East, Xiaogang Street
Beliun District Ningbo
+86 (574) 861 678 00



Nowadays is Kiev, with its rich history, historical monuments (monasteries, churches, squares and streets, historic structures), important place in history pages, new European landscape and strategic position, It is one of the favorite cities of Russia and European lands. 

Ukrainian economy is an emerging market

Ukraine Warehouse

Our warehouse and communication office in the capital city of Ukraine, serves Ukraine, Belarus and Poland.

We provide fast and uninterrupted service to our customers with its central position and closed area of ​​450 m2.

500 tons of goods are shipped per year from our Warehouse in Ukraine.

Since 2012, we are selling depot products to customers in Ukraine.

Warehouse Area : 750 square meters
Number of Employees : 3

Contact Informations

LLC Pultechnik
Frunze Str., 69V, Office:502
+38 (098) 445 34 57


Bucharest, Romania's capital city and the largest city, is the center of culture, industry and administration. The city has developed transportation networks. Art and architecture are important, historical and natural beauties with an attractive residential area. Bucharest is the 6th largest city in the European Union with a population of 2.2 million. 

Bucharest was founded in 1459 by Prince Vlad Dracula, also known as Count Dracula, alongside the river "Dambovita".  Like the other capitals of Europe, it was founded by a river (Dambovita from the arms of the Danube).  The city of Bucharest was named after the Bucharest Castle built in 1459. Starting from the 18th century, it is a city that is developing steadily and becoming more populated in this development process.

Romania's economy, a history of communist regime, is drawing a steady development chart.

Romania Warehouse

Located in the industrial zone of Romania's capital city Bucharest, the depot is in the midst of its unique location, with its logistical network stretching to peripheral countries and all the cities of Romania.

With 400 m2 closed area, we are able to respond to all the needs of our customers.

From our warehouse in Romania 400 tons of product shipment is carried out.

Since 2010 we are selling depot products to our customers in Romania.

Warehouse Area : 850 square meters
Number of Employees : 5

Contact Information

S.C. Pulver Chimia S.R.L.
Popeşti Leordeni Strada Leordeni Numar 161 L BIS
Judetul Ilfov Bucharest

+40 (244) 27 66 36



Gainesville, is located at the southern part of the USA. Also, is located at the north east part of the Georgia and Atlanta. Because of its large number of poultry processing plants, it is often called the "Poultry Capital of the World". Gainesville was built after locals moved here to start dealing with farming and poultry. City's name was given after local hero Edmund P. Gaines.

Gainesville is also home for Lake Lanier. It was built in 1954 by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers after building a dam to Buford river. The size of the lake is approximately 58 mile2.

Conta North America Inc.

We, Conta North America, have stopped our manufacturing in Michigan and decided to start a new chapter in Gainesville, Georgia. In 2014 we have started to work with Vintech Industrials in Imlay City, Michigan. After 4 years of partnership we decided to continue our pursuit by moving to Georgia and working alone to be a global TPE sealing solution provider.


Conta North America Inc.
975 Chestnut Street Suite 2,
Gainesville, Georgia 30501
+1 (917) 561 4303

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