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Trailer Seals & Trailer Gaskets

Trailer Seals & Trailer Gaskets

Trailer Seals & Trailer Gaskets

Refrigerated Trailers are widely used to transport products safe and unspoiled. Therefore, the sealing properties of the gaskets are crucial for trailers.
TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), EPDM rubber- and PVC-based gaskets are used in this industry. Due to the structure of PVC, it deforms easily in outdoor conditions. On the other hand, EPDM rubber gaskets cause problems for users, mainly due to the force needed to open the trailer door.
The TPE-based trailer seals we produce are committed to solving users' problems in the industry.

Trailer Seal Types

Part 1 : Thanks to the TPE-based primary material, corner welding can be performed in all corners. Perfect sealing is ensured with four corner welding.

Part 2 : The friction forces are reduced when opening the doors due to the Slip Coat on the primary material. With this material, users operate the doors more comfortably, and gaskets' tearing problems are prevented.

The users can easily weld our gaskets by using our welding machines supplied by our company.
Our products are placed in cardboard boxes before they are placed in containers. This way, there is no deterioration in product quality, and it does not take up much space during shipment. This also reduces freight costs.

TPE Based Trailer Gaskets

Advantages of Trailer Gaskets

  • Four corners are welded, providing perfect sealing.
  • Thanks to the surfaces with Slip Coat, it provides easy door operation.
  • It is not torn or displaced during the opening of the door.
  • It reduces kinetic and static frictions on surfaces.
  • It is easy to install with provided adhesives, and there is no need for extra mounting elements such as aluminum and fasteners.
  • It saves time and labor due to its ease of assembly.
  • Thanks to its high UV & Ozone resistance, it withstands harsh weather conditions.
  • Highly resistant to permanent deformation and does not bleed oil over time.
  • It does not crack and does not gets moldy with time.
  • Conforms to European Norms: RoHS, PAH, REACH.

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