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CNT Roof Systems

Roof Window Gaskets & Seals

Roof Window Gaskets & Seals

Conta Elastik Ürünler A.Ş. continues to add value to your living spaces with its innovative products.
With the CNT Roof Systems technology, we offer maximum comfort with guaranteed solutions in penthouses.
High energy efficient gaskets have been developed with excellent sealing properties, providing water and air insulation with state-of-the-art production techniques.
The raw materials we use in our products comply with European norms and are approved by many different institutes, like RAL, CSTB, GOST, and TSE.
Since it can be produced in multi-component, it can be perfectly and easily mounted on the profile channel, providing practical use.



  • Excellent weather and abrasion resistance and sealing property
  • Low permanent deformation.
  • It can be produced in co- and tri-extrusion.
  • Fits into the profile channel easily and perfectly. No shrinking, no dislocation.
  • Excellent performance for an extended period of time.
  • Raw materials are compliant with RAL, CSTB, GOST, and TSE standards.

Global TPE Sealing Solutions