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PVC Door and Window System Gasket

PVC Door and Window Gaskets & Seals

PVC Door and Window Gaskets & Seals

With its easy maintenance, high resistance, long life span, easy cleaning, and low cost, PVC Door and Window systems are among the most used systems in the industry. The sealings are one of, if not the most, critical components of the window and door systems. Systems with insufficient gaskets will not seal properly against sound, water, and dust.
The most widely used sealing solutions in PVC door and window systems are TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) gaskets.
Our TPE gaskets are designed with three main parts: 

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Part 1: The soft upper part of the gasket provides the system's sealing. This part of the gasket is exposed to the mechanical movements of the system. Therefore this part has to have excellent resistance to permanent deformation. Also, selecting material with UV, Ozone heat resistance plays a remarkable role in the system's performance. 

Part 2: The middle part of the gasket is made with a harder TPE, which will help the gasket be inserted into the profile easier and prevent coming out of the system. This part's raw material is designed to give the gasket its strength. 

Part 3: The lowest part of the gasket is designed according to the PVC profile design needs. This section will eliminate all the problems of the gasket coming out of the profile. This part is usually made with a harder TPE than part 2. If there is no need for it, this part can be made with the material used in Part 2.

In PVC Door and Window Systems, Gaskets are called;
  • Universal (Can be used in both Frame and Sash) 
  • Frame (Outer Gasket)
  • Sash (Inner gasket)
  • Glass bead (Used on the Glass bead) 
We manufacture custom-made gasket designs due to the differences in customer system designs.
The extrusion molds of our gaskets are made in-house in our tooling department. 
Our products can be used for years from Siberia to Africa without any loss in performance.
We can produce gaskets per RAL716/1, CSTB, and TSE K 86 standards.


  • PVC Profile can be installed in-line automatically during production without requiring an operator.
  • Corner welding can be done.
  • It prevents shrinking problems.
  • It prevents coming out of the profiles.
  • It is 100% recyclable, does not cause pollution.
  • Can be colored.
  • It does not leave a stain on the profile.


Process of PVC Profile Gasket
Manuel Welding Process of the Profile with Gasket
Automatic Welding Process of the Profile with Gasket


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