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Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall System

Aluminum Door, Window and Facade System Gaskets & Seals

Aluminum Door, Window and Facade System Gaskets & Seals

Thanks to today's developing construction technology, high-rise building constructions are increasing rapidly. In terms of aesthetic beauty and high wind resistance, aluminum doors, windows, and curtain wall systems are preferred in newly developed buildings.
The most significant disadvantage of aluminum curtain wall systems is heat loss. With the heat barriers, this is being overcome, and therefore the use of these products is increasing by the day. 
Thanks to the alternative coloring possibilities offered by powder coating manufacturers such as Pulver Kimya, customers who prioritize aesthetics use Aluminum profiles. 
As a company operating in the aluminum construction industry, we produce TPE-based gaskets (also known as thermal insulation seals) for aluminum door & window and curtain wall systems.

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We produce gaskets for aluminum door & window, and curtain wall systems by using one (Single Component), two (Dual Durometer), or three different raw materials in our products. Customer needs, application methods, and other requirements are the key decision-makers during the design of our gaskets.  
Aluminum door & window and curtain wall systems gaskets;
  • It can be bonded seamlessly with CNT Bond adhesive at the corners.
  • If the order quantity is sufficient, production can be made in profile-suitable colors
  • Our products have been tested by British Glass manufacturer Pilkington and have been approved not to harm self-cleaning glasses with nanotechnology.



  • Highly resistant to permanent deformation.
  • Excellent resistance to UV and Ozone.
  • Excellent resistance to extreme weather.
  • Profile-specific color options.
  • Easy to install.
  • Perfect corner joint (with CNT-Bond).
  • No shrinking.
  • It prevents coming out of the profiles.
  • It is 100% recyclable
  • It does neither cause oil bleeding nor stain. It is easy to clean.




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