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Luggage Gaskets

Luggage Gaskets

Luggage Gaskets

The reliability, comfort and durability of the suitcases we take with us while traveling are among our first choices.

The most important criteria that luggage manufacturers take as basis when producing the most useful products possible is to offer interior volume capacity.
Another one is to provide impermeability to protect the luggage covers from external factors such as  liquid, dust, dirt, etc. 
In addition, it also aims to strengthen the zipper system and make it easier to work. At this point, TPE based CNTLuggage is preferred for sealing, durability and comfort.

Thanks to the high UV & ozone resistance provided by the TPE raw material that we prefer in the production of CNTLuggage gaskets, it withstands harsh weather conditions and maintains its dimensional stability in hot or cold weather conditions.
It complies with DIN 4102-01 standards and European Norms (ROSH, PAH, REACH, RAL) in terms of flammability.
It can be produced in desired colors and combined with the color of the suitcase.
Also, it does not contain carcinogenic raw materials and is 100% recyclable. 



  • It is healthy; friendly to human and environmental health, does not contain carcinogen.
  • It is 100% recyclable, does not pollute nature.
  • Can be produced in desired color.
  • It does not leave you halfway due to its high UV & ozone resistance so it can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Maintains dimensional stability in hot or cold which means suitable for wide temperature range.
  • It is clean; The oil will not spill, it will not pollute.
  • Non-combustibility can be achieved; Test results according to DIN 4102-01 standard can be submitted.
  • Can be produced Co-ex or tri-ex.
  • Compliant with European Standards - ROSH, PAH, REACH and RAL.

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