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Luggage Seals & Gaskets

It is essential for us to use safe, comfortable, durable luggage during our travels. 
One of the most essential criteria that suitcase luggage manufacturers use to produce the most valuable products is possible with its practical interior volume. On the other hand, it is equally important to protect the suitcase and customers' belongings from external factors such as weather, dust, and dirt. Manufacturers also aim to strengthen the zipper system and make it easier to work. Considering these points, TPE-based CNTLuggage gaskets are preferred for impermeability, durability, and comfort.
TPE  material, which we prefer in the production of CNTLuggage gaskets, withstands harsh weather conditions due to its high UV&Ozone resistance and maintains its dimensional stability in hot and cold weather conditions. It complies with DIN 4102-01 standards for fire rating and European Norms (ROHS, PAH, REACH, RAL). It can be produced in the desired colors and can be matched with the suitcase's color. It does not contain carcinogenic raw materials and is also 100% recyclable.



  • It is healthy and harmless to humans and the environment and does not contain carcinogens. It is environmentally friendly and does not contain carcinogens
  • It is 100% recyclable and does not cause pollution.
  • Adds color to your products; it can be produced in the desired color.
  • Thanks to its high UV & Ozone resistance, it withstands harsh weather conditions.
  • It is clean! It does neither cause oil bleeding nor stain.
  • It can be produced by co- and tri-extrusion.
  • Achieved fire rating system in accordance with DIN 4102-01 standard.
  • Conforms to European Norms: RoHS, PAH, REACH, RAL.

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