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Trailer Gaskets

Trailer Gaskets

Trailer Gaskets

In trailers for long distance transportation, the sealing provided by the gaskets is very important for the transportation of the product without damage.

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), EPDM and PVC based seals are used in this sector. Due to the natural structure of the PVC, it is prone to rapid deformation when exposed to external environment. EPDM gaskets have problems in terms of users especially due to door opening forces

TPE based trailer gaskets which are produced by us are promising solutions to the problems of users in this sector.


Part 1 : Due to TPE based material, four corners welding is possible which results in perfect sealing.

Part 2 : Slip-coat on the base material minimizes the forces encountered when opening the doors. In this way, both user-comfort is achieved and the tearing problems of the gaskets are prevented.

Thanks to the welding machines to be purchased from our firm without our seals, it can be easily welded by the users

Our products are packed in cardboard boxes. It is shipped with low volume, without deterioration of product quality. This reduces the freight costs.



  • Four corner welds are made providing excellent sealing.
  • Slip Coat surfaces allow easy opening of doors.
  • No tearing during door opening.
  • Reduces kinetic and static friction on the surfaces.
  • IInstallation is easy - no need for extra mounting elements like aluminum plate and screws.
  • Saves time and labor due to the ease of assembly.
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions thanks to high UV & ozone resistance.
  • Compression set is low, that is, time does not create a sealing problem.
  • Compliant with European Standards - ROSH, PAH and REACH.

Global TPE Sealing Solutions

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