Global TPE Sealing Solutions


  • 2004 We started TPE extrusion production.
  • 2005 We commissioned our in-house tooling department.
  • 2006 We have decided to continue our activities under the name of CNTConta Elastik Ürünler San. Ve Tic. A.S.
  • 2006 We made our first export to Bulgaria.
  • 2006 We started to sell to the white goods sector.
  • 2008 We decided to invest for the refrigerator industry.
  • 2010 We moved to our modern facilities in Gebze.
  • 2010 We started to sell to the refrigerator industry.
  • 2013 We started to sell to Chinese PVC profile manufacturers.
  • 2013 We have decided to manufacture in China.
  • 2014 We started production in Ningbo, China, under the name "Ningbo Gasket Sealing Products Co Ltd."
  • 2014 We established a partnership firm in Imlay City, Michigan, USA, under the name of "Conta North America Inc."
  • 2016 The foundation of our new production facilities, located in the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone (GOSB) Tembelova Area, has been laid.
  • 2016 We made our first sales to the trailer market, pipe clamp sector, and toolbox cover gasket sectors.
  • 2017 We became the 100% owner of Conta North America Inc. by purchasing the shares from our American partners.
  • 2018 We moved Conta North America Inc. from Imlay City, Michigan, to Gainesville, Georgia.
  • 2019 We moved to our new and modern facility in the GOSB Tembelova area.
  • 2020 We switched to SAP, one of the best ERP systems in the world.


Global TPE Sealing Solutions

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