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Food Carrying Container Gaskets

Food Carrying Container Gaskets

Food Carrying Container Gaskets

Especially because of the increasing catering companies, it is possible to distribute meals in a single container without any temperature or hygiene loss. The use of heat-insulated food transport containers is increasing rapidly.

TPE based seals are used in the spaces in the lids to maintain the temperature of the food inside.

Low permanent deformation properties of TPE raw material makes it suitable for sealing food containers.

After the seals are extruded, they are welded to provide seamless sealing.

Due to their high resistance to chemicals and detergents, no deformation is observed during washing and cleaning of containers.


  • Suitable for food containers.
  • High resistance to detergents and salts.
  • Stays clean, no traces of oil, won't contaminate your products.
  • Compression set is low, that is, time does not create a sealing problem.
  • Can be produced in desired color.
  • Environmentally friendly as it is 100% recyclable.
  • Low heat transfer coefficient.
  • Easy to install.
  • Excellent weldability.
  • UV & Ozone resistance is high.
  • Excellent hot/cold strength.
  • Wide hardness scale from 20 ShA to 65 ShD
  • Reach, RoHS and Satisfactory (logos will be used)

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