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Ningbo is a port city in Zhejiang province of People's Republic of China. It dates back to 4800 BC, making it one of the oldest cities in China. Recognized as one of the important cities of the Silk Road 2000 years ago, Ningbo later played an active role in China's trade as a port city.  After the Second World War, it quickly recovered and became a city of industry and commerce again.

Historic buildings and places that are day-to-day must be seen from Ningbo's very long history. 

The Tiafeng Tower, built on the basis of the Tang dynasty, the Hangzhou Gulf Bridge, one of the longest bridges in the world, Tian Yi Library Museum, Baoguo Temple is one of the oldest and still standing wooden temples in South China.

Ningbo Conta Sealing Products Co., Ltd.

Our factory is located in China, Ningbo Conta Sealing Products, Ningbo Beluin Distric

In 2016, the capacity of our facility, which went through activity in 2014, was increased.

Production area : 2500 square meters
Number of Employees : 14 people
Annual Production Capacity : 50 million meters

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Ningbo Conta Sealing Products Co., Ltd.
No:89 Chenshan Road East, Xiaogang Street
Beliun District Ningbo
+86 (574) 861 678 00


Global TPE Sealing Solutions

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