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Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall System

Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall System

Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall System

Construction sector is growing and so is the number of skyscrapers. They use aluminum doors, windows and curtain wall systems for aesthetic and higher wind resistance.

Companys in this sector like Pulver Kimya be favored from consumers with esthetic preferences, because of their alternative colour options.

We are producing TPE based gaskets for aluminum sector.

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We can use up to 3 different raw materials in production. During the design, we pay close attention to needs and usage area of the customer.

The products can be glued together without any problem at corner points with CNT-Bond.

We can produce in any color depending on size of order.

Our products have been tested by English window producer 'Pilkington' and results showed that they are not harmful for glazing.



  • Low compression set
  • High UV & Ozone resistance
  • Excellent strength at different temperatures
  • Easy assembly
  • Excellent corner fit (with CNT-Bond)
  • Dimensional stability 
  • Stays firmly in the grove
  • Environmentally friendly as it is 100% recyclable
  • Colorable
  • Does not damage the profile


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