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Wooden Door and Window System Gaskets

Wooden Door and Window Gaskets & Seals

Wooden Door and Window Gaskets & Seals

Wood is the oldest material used in door and window systems. Due to environmental damage, difficulty in maintenance, and cost disadvantages, wood, which has been used to manufacture windows and doors for years, has lost its popularity over time. However, with the disappearance of the disadvantages mentioned above in recent years, wooden joinery systems have been preferred, especially in luxury constructions.
The TPE-based wood joinery seals (Door & Window gaskets) we produce are preferred by wood joinery manufacturers due to their high strength, low permanent deformation, and being produced in colors suitable for wood.


We use up to three different raw materials to produce our products. Especially in the highly mobile parts of the gasket, TPE material, which has low permanent deformation and high UV & Ozone resistance, is used. In order to prevent the formation of gaps between the wooden and gasket and ease of assembly, more rigid TPE material is used in the static parts of the gasket. The number and properties of raw materials to be used in the gasket are determined by our design team according to customers' demands, application methods, and needs. 


  • Low permanent deformation.
  • High UV and Ozone resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to cold/hot.
  • Easy installation.
  • Perfect corner joint (with CNT-Bond).
  • No shrinking.
  • No dislocation.
  • 100% recyclability does not pollute nature.
  • Colorable.
  • It does not pollute the profile


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