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White Good Gaskets

White Good Gaskets & Seals

White Good Gaskets & Seals

White goods, which have become the biggest helpers in housework today, are available in almost every home. In addition to the comfort they provide, they began to stand out with their features, such as being more hygienic, saving energy and water, and saving time. In the near past, it has become even more important for manufacturers that the parts used in the production of white goods are environmentally friendly and recyclable. The increase in recyclable parts used in products provides advantages for producers and consumers.
TPE (SEBS- or TPV-Based) materials are preferred over rubber products such as EPDM, especially in parts with functions such as sealing, sound, and vibration dampening. 
Heat welding of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)-based products creates an ideal solution for sealing parts. 

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The TPE-based extrusion parts we produce are used in Dishwashers, Washing Machines, and Tumble Dryers and come with the option of welded or non-welded according to demand. Raw materials resistant to detergent and chemicals used in laundry and dishwashing are used in these gaskets.
The materials are put into use after undergoing long-term tests. In our gaskets, three different TPE-based materials can be used in these gaskets depending on the need.

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Part 1: This is the main part that provides sealing. In this part, soft materials with low permanent deformation and high resistance to detergents, salt, and chemicals are preferred.
Part 2: This part usually enters the duct and carries the soft part. Compared to the materials used in part 1, relatively more rigid and lower-cost raw materials are preferred.
Part 3: If necessary, soft materials are preferred to prevent dislocation of the gasket. 


  • High resistance to detergent and salt.
  • Low permanent deformation.
  • High UV and Ozone resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to cold/hot.
  • Easy installation.
  • Excellent weldability.
  • Wide hardness scale from 20 ShA to 65 ShD.
  • No shrinking.
  • No dislocation.
  • 100% recyclability does not pollute nature.
  • Colorable.
  • Reach, RoHS, and PAHs compliance.


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