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CNT Slipcoat

CNT Slipcoat

CNT Slipcoat

In the early 2000s, some European PVC manufacturers began to use TPE-based gaskets. PVC profile manufacturers in Turkey started to use TPE gaskets in their products, which they introduced as "self-sealing profiles" or "gray seal profiles" after 2004. The users in the market highly appreciated the product due to the workmanship, quality, and cost advantage of the product, and the usage rate of PVC profiles with TPE gasket instead of EPDM gasket has increased rapidly.
At Conta Elastik Products, we played a leading role in selling TPE gaskets of the right quality, standards, and price.
As a requirement of this leading position in this market, we conducted a 3-year study to identify and prevent possible errors that may occur during the use of TPE gaskets which led to the formation of our new generation gasket.
As a result of the Field Research, the three most common problems were identified.
* Gaskets are easily becoming dirty but difficult to clean.
* Folding in of gaskets when installing the glass and closing sash
* Shrinking of the gaskets in the profile channels after the profiles are cut to length
With the findings from field research and three years of R&D trials, our new product CNT Slip Coat emerged.

CNT Slip Coat Product Parts

CNT Slip Coat consists of 3 main parts;

Part 1:  The soft part has low permanent deformation and provides excellent sealing, similar to conventional TPE gaskets. 

Part 2: It is the hard part with a low coefficient of friction, thanks to the newly developed formulation.

Part 3: The Slip Coat part covers the outside of the soft part and prevents contamination and folding in problems.


CNT Slip Coat Color Chart

Our CNT Slip Coat products can be produced in RAL 7040 (gray), RAL 7035 (light gray), and black colors in line with the demands of our customers. 
CNT Slip Coat can be applied on frame, sash, universal, and glass bead gaskets. The CNT Slip Coat product we developed has been patented by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office


  • Its slippery outer coating technology makes it dust and dirt repellent and easy to clean.
  • No folding in thanks to Slip Coat.
  • No shrinking on the profile, thanks to the newly developed hard part.
  • Compared to conventional TPE gaskets, it is 15-20% lighter.

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